Monday, 21 November 2016

Ode to the Shoes

Separated, we hang together.
A unique, online experience.
A haiku of drama
in shoelaces.
Dangling by a thread,
we wait for redemption.

We give online shoe sales

a new height of meaning.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Light and Dark.

These flowers look beautiful in their colour and lightness. But there is something I find more interesting about the black-and-white, the darkness.

 The colour and light show me for what they are. But in the black and white, I want to go on a trip into their story darkness. I want to pick them up and hold them, explore the Version Noir of the Roses.

I see intrigue, I see stories. I am drawn to the darkness, not out of misery, but of wanting to feel their pain, know their pain. Perhaps I want to alleviate my pain by soothing theirs, by knowing theirs. This is not a good coping mechanism in reality in relationships. I have explored the poison ivy black-and-white darkness of relationships, wondering what would happen if I held on tighter...
We all know that answer, but black-and-white is not always what it seems.
What is the colour of pain?
 If reality is in the perspective, how much do we project ourselves onto a visual image, or onto a story. In the colour and light I see the roses, I smell them. But in the darkness, they become part of my story, and I of their’s.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Art works

So my 90 year old Dad likes to paint. He has run out of room to hang his paintings indoors and has moved some under the pergola. It brightens up the bucket collection.
I like the notion that artworks are alongside the tools of everyday tools of the garden. The well used plastic buckets (mended, of course, can't through them away), the 1970's banana chair (remember them?) and torn pieces of cloth that will come in handy to tie up wayward tomatoes.

Artworks or working art, it's always good to meet the surprise of beauty in the everyday. 

Australian outback, Scottish Highlands, still life, Canadian snow capped mountains and buckets.

There's always room for another painting, even if it's behind the WD40 and weed killer.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


I like graffiti - especially when truth & inspiration are involved 😉

Friday, 13 May 2016

Fairies at the bottom of the garden.

I was at a friends place recently, having a wander around the neighbour's garden, and here was this perfect little corner, with the afternoon sunlight shafting through.

Fairies at the bottom of the garden, most definitely!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Toma-toes and composition.


Whatever medium we use, composition is very important. How things are sliced, spliced, fragmented and arranged.
Do you like my toma-toes?  it was a lovely crop of Roma tomatoes, with fresh basil and garden toes.
 it doesn't particularly mean anything, nor can I think of a random 200 word story to go with it, except that I want to  Pick up that plate of tomatoes and  savour the aroma of summer.


 juxtaposition. See what I mean? 2 feet and  toma-toes  And basil


 1 foot with the same red and green surrounds?

 of course, you can always go straight to the random.

 if you scroll down....

 you will see a -

Granny Gangster.

 she has a lot more stories to tell!

 (Juxtaposition rules. Without those sunglasses, you wouldn't think of her as a gangsta.)

 Hasta la vista, baby!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Treasure trove.

This old chest, filled with thousands of undelivered letters, is being examined by a group of academics in the Netherlands.
300 years ago, a Dutch postmaster kept hold of the letters that for various reasons were undelivered, unpaid for, sent back, etc,  in the hope that one day the recipients would come and pay for their delivery.
They didn't.
Consequently, what a treasure trove of ideas and people's lives are tucked away in this chest!
I would love to be able to read the Dutch, French, Spanish and Latin that they are written in, imagine the handwriting, the seals on, them the history and personal stories and even lies, what is kept in the depths of these 300-year-old letters??

One woman wrote enclosing a cut-out paper dove holding a flaming heart, bitterly recalling “the fidelity which you promised me and which I have given with all my soul”. Whoever the faithless lover was, he never got the letter. Stories and history. Delicious freshness. Apparently the letters are from spies, merchants, aristocrats, peasants and politicians. A hold a section of society, a tangible and tactile memory.